About Us

Hi, my name is May. I'm a photographer,a photography lover. I focus on food photography for many years. Besides satisfying my hobbies food shooting, I also take food photos for all kinds of hotels and high-end restaurants. Usually in the photography circle is also a little famous, there are tens of thousands of Chinese fans. I'm very glad to be able to do my favorite photography work, and at the same time be able to share the happiness of food with my favorite food. I also thank the customers and fans for their help. In my work in recent years, I often share some photography works. In my wechat, friends and fans constantly ask me about the shooting skills and props, so that there are friends who want to buy props for food photography directly from me. Therefore, later, at the suggestion of my friends, I also opened a shop about photography props and home decoration, which was purely unintentional. The domestic prop shop has a good response, and many foreign customers have contacted me. They suggest that I can share these props with foreign friends and learn from each other. This is also the origin of this prop shop. I hope I not only sell photography props, but also share a kind of delicious photography and the joy of life. A person who likes food photography must be a person who is interesting and understands life.

Dear friends, I hope we can communicate more about food photography. I will share my usual works with my Facebook and instergram. I hope you like them.