10 simple and easy to learn tips of food photography for food photographer

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Food photography is a branch of still life photography, in the process of shooting, you can create many different photos. And one of the biggest temptations! You can enjoy the food while shooting. Many people like to take a camera when they go out to record the food in the restaurant. Here are ten tips for food photography to make your food more attractive.
1. Keep the background clean
Try to make the background contrast with the color of the food, do not use the background similar to the color of the food. For example, strawberries on a red plate make the theme less vivid. In addition, the background should be clean. If you're not sure, use a white plate,or you can buy the background from the props shop.

2. Adjust the white balance
Adjust the white balance according to your food. For example, when shooting meat, it's best to use warm colors. The meat photographed in the blue fluorescent environment must be terrible.

3. Shooting with natural light
At any time, it's always good to photograph food with natural light. During the day, you can choose to shoot by the sunny window, and at night, try to avoid using the flash directly to the food as the light source. This kind of light is very unnatural. If you use the flash, you should also use the flash effect reflected from the ceiling or wall.

4. Use tripod
Food shooting is mostly carried out indoors, and the light is not very good, so it is best to use tripod.

5. Small details make the picture different
Don't ignore some small details, always remember that with a knife and fork with clean dishes can make ordinary food become fun.

6. Come closer
You can use the micro distance to shoot the part of the plate with food. Close to the shooting target, you can show the finer part of the food, making it more interesting and thought-provoking.

7. Cut! to subdivide!
Besides the appearance of food, the texture and color of food are sometimes more attractive. For example, cut the cake to show different layers of delicious food.

8. Shooting from all angles
Don't always be condescending and watch the food shooting like a bird watching us. Change your perspective up and down, or adjust the position of the food.

9. Using props
Don't be afraid to add all kinds of other elements, put orange juice with pancakes? Or a bottle of wine as a background for steak and potatoes? Of course, sometimes crumbs sprinkled on the edge of the bread is also good, but need to understand, too many props will distract the viewer's attention.

10. Reasonably arrange delicious scenes, and try to use some professional food photography props
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