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On an ordinary afternoon, this passage from the novel British lover came to my mind.

"Open all the windows of the room so that he can hear the noise of the night. He took off his clothes, rubbed his neck with the palm of his hand, and lay for a while on the unfinished bed. The trees rustle and the moonlight breaks into silverfish, bouncing on the leaves of asters outside. The moon is like a layer of skin on him, a bunch of sparkling water. "

So, I let the sunshine layout, let the willow fish, lemon, utensils on the table perform a play together.

This is my favorite natural light food photography style. It belongs to storytellers and story listeners.

At the beginning of shooting food, I just finished a dish and pressed the shutter for sharing. However, gradually, I tried to get into the major of food photography. The shutter is no longer just the shutter. I began to conceive, hoping to put the atmosphere and feelings into it and shoot its story. In such a creative process, I often use the inspiration from reading and slow life in modeling and shooting.

For me, the inspiration and feeling of photography lies in gazing and observing, reading and listening to other people's stories. When immersed in it, the mind will have a picture, as the mind glides, some shooting ideas will follow. It's like listening to joyful music and seeing your favorite painting, you will get goose bumps. It's a feeling interpreted as "aesthetic shudder", an intimacy that only you can understand.

The delicious food made from a good food depends on shooting and photo props, leaving a memorable impression. Because of shooting with natural light, the layout of light plays a very important role. It can play a supporting role in three-dimensional images and add dramatic effect. During the shooting, I thought about how natural light can be combined with food and photography props, how abstract things like light and color can create atmosphere, and how imagination can be conveyed. For example, for a pot of freshly cooked dumplings, I can use the heat rising from the spoon to create warmth and flow. The spoon person's hands and the surrounding small objects bring out a sense of life. The light limitation highlights the artistic conception of light and shadow contrast and tranquility. A home scene, simple dumplings, visual look more rich, also have a story.


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