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In the process of celebrating the Chinese new year, food plays an important role, many of which are also symbolic. Here are seven lucky foods that people often eat during the Spring Festival:
1、 Spring rolls: people eat spring rolls during the Lunar New Year celebration to symbolize wealth and prosperity. The meaning of eating spring rolls is "ten thousand taels of gold". Fried spring rolls are usually wrapped with delicious fillings, such as vegetables and meat. Spring roll skin is usually made of flour and water, and then fried until golden, so that they take on the iconic golden appearance.
2、 Dumplings: when people celebrate the Chinese new year, they often eat dumplings representing wealth. It is said that because the shape of dumplings is very similar to Yuanbao in ancient China, people especially eat dumplings during the Chinese New Year.
3、 Noodles: noodles eaten during the Chinese New Year are generally longer than usual to show longevity and happiness. These noodles, which can be up to two feet long, are called "longevity noodles.".
4、 Steamed fish: in the new year's dinner table, there may be another thing: a large steamed fish, a symbol of wealth. The tradition of eating fish for the new year is to leave some fish on the plate, because people think that if they try to save some at the end of the year, they will get more in the next year. It is said that the fish head should always be aimed at the elders in order to show respect.
5、 New Year cake: eating New Year cake during the Spring Festival symbolizes good luck. In Chinese, "Nian Gao" is homonymous with "Nian Gao". Therefore, it is believed that eating Nian Gao will make the next year richer.
6、 Glutinous rice balls: glutinous rice balls are a kind of Chinese snack. They are made by kneading glutinous rice flour and water into balls, then cooked in boiling water and served in white or sugar water. The snack is traditionally eaten on the Lantern Festival, two weeks after the Chinese New Year celebrations, and represents family reunion.
7、 Fruit: orange is one of the most symbolic fruits in Chinese New Year. Because of its round shape and golden color, it symbolizes wealth and completeness.
Isn't it very interesting? Although the times are progressing, the old and beautiful meaning will not be forgotten by us. Moreover, food experts and photographers will also take photos of people who have dinner together. This is the true meaning of happiness, as well as the true meaning of food and photography.


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