Looking forward to the 2021 chinese spring festival

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Looking forward to the new year: "Nian" also means a good day for people to work for a year, enjoy life and enjoy food. As a child, I didn't know this proverb very well. I only hope that the new year will come early and pass quickly. Especially on the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month, the mood of looking forward to the new year can't be expressed in words, and can't wait even to count. Looking forward to, looking forward to Looking forward to the pace of the Spring Festival faster, looking forward to the spring thunder firecrackers break the night sky. Looking forward to new year's Eve dinner, new clothes, relatives and lucky money
It's new year It's new year The sound of firecrackers, deafening, resounded through the earth. Fireworks, dazzling, light up the night sky. Young and old, beautiful and smiling. Lanterns hung high, couplets Tong Tong, streets and alleys, Xuan dye spring, noisy spring sound, rippling Festival Qi Fen, soak dye spring festival costumes.


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